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Nothing is impossible with Foal™

Despite its simple structure, Foal™ is capable of not only supporting and fitting to your body, but also providing a comfortable user experience. A delicate combination of curves gives Foal™ something more than a clean and gentle look. Foal™ supports your hardworking life not only with elegant curve, but also the adjustable lumbar support, an enlightening standard feature.

Foal™ allows your body to maintain a relaxed posture, regardless of long or short period of work, you can find the most comfortable configuration by adjusting armrest, seat and backrest.

Elegant appearance with full function, Foal™ is one of the most affordable ergonomic chair, and the best part is that it comes in various materials and colors, meeting all the requirements you have.

The whole chair is designed with neat lines, fitting to ergonomic and can be upholstered with different materials. Foal™ is more than a chair, it is  a revolutionary solution for office, and for the self-driven ones.

Frame Color

Seat-back Mesh Color

Seat Mesh Color

Tel: 886-2-2356-9828

Address: JinShan S. Rd., Section 2., NO.18., 6F. Taiwan, Taipei

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