Better Seating and  Posture

Backbone®Care is the sub-brand to ergonomic chair design company Backbone®, who holds the value of perfecting every detail in our lives, has 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing ergonomic chairs, and comes up with a perfect solution to your back, wrist and neck pain.

​Ultimate Ergonomically Support.

Pangolin™ Lumbar Support

not only provides posture adjustment that most traditional lumbar support failed to do so, but also focuses more than just your lower back, equipping you with a full support around the sides of your body to prevent you from leaning leftward or rightward.

Enjoy the everlasting support Pangolin Lumbar Support provides. Made of Nylon 66, a substantial material vastly used in strictly demanding industries, the Pangolin Lumbar Support is capable of withstanding consistent pressure without losing its elasticity.  

Using a laptop or A desktop? No problem, the Pangolin wrist support is designed to actively support you under any application. In addition to the consistent support it provides, the Pangolin is beautifully designed to explore the world with you.  

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